Danielle LaRubio - Owner WCC Cheer

Experience - (Past-Present)

          • Head Coach, Program Director, and Manager of female programs for the Police Athletic League (PAL Cheer and Dance Program) in SI, NY 1996-2006
          • Owner, Program Manager, Director of Organization of WCC Cheer LLC  2007- Present
          • Head Coach of Staten Island Technical High School Cheer Program (Game Team and Competition Team) 2009- Present
          • Bachelor of Science in Biology/Chemistry
          • Masters of Science in Secondary Education & Biology
          • Licensed New York City/and State Teacher's Certification in Secondary Science Education-1988-Present
          • AACCA Cheerleading Safety Certified
          • Member of USASF All Star Federation in good standing
          • Member of PCA Coaching Alliance
  • AED Certified
  • CPR Certified
  • Concussion Study Certified
  • First Aid Certified

How blessed I am to be to spend the work day and night surrounded by children, and it doesn't even feel like "work"! The best part of this job, is that it isn't a job at all. Its a gift given on a daily basis by the young athletes who bring a constant supply of sunshine into my life. I am BLESSED! Watching the young athletes work hard season upon season, towards their personal and team goals, is a true joy.

Mary Kate Devine

Email : marykate.devine@gmail.com
Birthday: September 30
Years on staff: 7 


Cheer Experience:

  • Cheerleader for St. Patrick’s School debs and varsity (1999-2006)
  • Island All Stars (2000-2001)
  • St. John Villa Academy varsity (2007-2008)
  • PAL Panthers (2006-2007)
  • WCC Rec Cheerleading (2008-2012)
  • UCA All Star 2006/ 2007


  • WCC Catz senior all girls (2008-2010)
  • WCC  Jagz senior/junior all girls(2011-present)
  • Named Head Coach of WCC Jagz level 3 (2013)
  • WCC Wildcatz level 1 (2013-present)
  • WCC Kittens (2015-present)
  • WCC Tigers (2013-2014)
  • WCC Platinum- All Star Prep- present* new team coming December
  • Tumbling coach (2011-present)


  • AACCA Safety certified
  • USASF member In good standing
  • USASF All Star certified
  • PCA

MaryKate has received her Bachelors of Science in Education from St. John’s University and plans to attain her masters in Special Education. She loves coaching children of all ages and watching them achieve their goals throughout each cheerleading season.

Favorite quote: “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all LOVE of what you are doing.”- Pele

Doria McGill

      • Director of artistic design for No Limitz Gymnastics and Cheerleading Center
      • Coordinator of rentals for school teams and for school team gymnastics. 
      • Coordinator of private tumbling for all athletes registered with NLGC.
      • Head Coach of WCC Cheerleading
      • AACCA Safety certified
      • USASF member In good standing
      • USASF All Star certified

Cheerleading enthusiast with 15 years of experience as a cheerleader and a coach for WCC for 9 years. 
AACCA safety certified, ALL Star Credentialed, and have been a head coach of WCC's level 2, 3, 4 teams.
My passion is working with athletes and watching as they improve their skills and advance.
My greatest sense of accomplishment comes from watching those I coach as I "cheer" them on, succeed on the mat.  I'm excited to share this passion and skill with you at our brand new facility No Limitz Gymnastics and Cheerleading Center.

Kerry Devine 

  • Head tumbling Coach of All WCC Members
  • Owner/ Director of Champions Inc.
  • AACCA Safety certified
  • USASF member In good standing
  • USASF All Star certified
  • First Aid Certification
  • CPR Certification
  • AED Certification
  • Concussions safety trained
  • Basic Life Support Certified (BLS)
  • RN With a Nursing degree from St Paul School of Nursing
  • Presently working in Pediatric Oncology practice as a Nurse
  • Coaching/ Tumbling

Worked at WCC Cheer 2008-present

Kayla Wilton

            • Cheered with WCC since 2007
            • Head coach of  WILDCATS AND CATZ FOR 4 YEARS, 2009- 2013 (youth and juniors).
            • HEAD COACH OF the Tigers ( special needs team ) 2013- PRESENT
            • AACCA Safety certified.
            • CPR/American Red Cross certified

In my past six years of coaching, had the pleasure of coaching level 1 and 2 teams with children ranging from the ages of 3-14. I've always enjoyed working with the girls. Seeing them learn and work together as a team is wonderful. More importantly knowing how happy the sport could make them GIVES ME GREAT SATISFACTION. It gives children and teens a chance to feel like they are a part of something.  These are things that make the job worth while.

I am currently a student at CSI, I work part time at a SRS real estate company as a Brokers Assistant. 

Brianna Alvarez-Sosa

  • Coach of WCC level 1 teams , Wildcats 2014-15 and Black Catz present
  • Tumbling assist 2014-15 
  • Tumbling Coach present

Brianna began cheering with WCC in the 4th grade, the summer of 2006 and she’s been with us ever since! She started out knowing nothing about cheerleading and has grown into a level 5 cheerleader! She’s been cheering for a number of years now and has a ton of experience from cheering for so long, and therefore became a coach for us. She absolutely adores coaching and believes that WCC is a family! We have such talented and dedicated kids and we encourage them to try their best and love the sport no matter what. We started training her as a tumbling coach about two years ago and she’s learned so much since then. She’s tried so hard throughout the years to be the best she can be and now the kids look up to her! Her biggest strength was tumbling and her backing skills were just a plus. She’s always been absolutely dedicated to cheer and loves it so much. She wouldn’t trade the years with us for anything in the world!

Brianna graduated from Wagner High School and is now majoring in Criminal Justice in the Borough of Manhattan Community College.

Breanna Morello-DeJose 

          • Been with WCC for 9 years.
          • Cheered on multiple teams within the program and was a back spot on all. 
          • Been coaching level 1and level 2 teams; the Wildcats and Catz, for 4 years while being a part of WCC. 

I love working with younger girls and seeing them happy and succeed. This makes me know my job as a coach is a success.
Breanna graduated from New Dorp HS in 2014 and is presently in school for cosmetology  and attending the Paul Mitchell School.

Donna Thomasen

  • Work as a paraprofessional for 19 years at IS2 with special needs children in addition to 1 year as a sub paraprofessional.
  • Taught dance at Staten Island Dance Center for 4 years, teaching dance in the Happy Feet special needs program.

I enjoy working with the special needs population because it gives me a chance to give back to our special children who deserve to enjoy extra curricular activities as others do. Working with them also brings me joy and fulfillment.