General Program Information

An annual non-refundable registration fee per family will be charged upon enrollment.


Prior to starting classes, two months tuition will be collected, your current month and your final month of June.  No refunds will be given.  All payments due in full the first class of four.  A late fee and a fee for returned checks will be charged. There will be a 10% discount given for the second child in the family enrolled in our program.

A 10% discount will also be given for a 5 month tuition payment due in September, and in February.  This discount does not apply to pre-team, team or otherwise discounted classes.

One missed class per month may be made up in the month which the class was missed. There will be no refund for missed classes.  Call for make-up class in advance.

Enrollment will be limited to eight (8) students per instructor at all times.

Gymnastic Birthday Parties are fun and energetic way for children to spend their birthdays. It consists of 1 hour of gymnastic instruction, followed by 40 minutes of party time.