Kina Neshev: Director / Head Coach

 Coach Nesho: General Manager

 Danille La Rubio - Cheerleading Supervisor

Experience - (Past-Present)

How blessed I am to be to spend the work day and night surrounded by children, and it doesn't even feel like "work"! "The best part of this job is that it isn't a job at all. Its a gift given on a daily basis by the young athletes who bring a constant supply of sunshine into my life. I am BLESSED! Watching the young athletes work hard season upon season, towards their personal and team goals, is a true joy.

 Doria McGill - Director of Cheer team rentals and private classes

Cheerleading enthusiast with 15 years of experience as a cheerleader and a coach for WCC for 9 years.  AACCA safety certified, ALL Star Credentialed, and have been a head coach of WCC's level 2, 3, 4 teams.
My passion is working with athletes and watching as they improve their skills and advance. My greatest sense of accomplishment comes from watching those I coach as I "cheer" them on, succeed on the mat.  I'm excited to share this passion and skill with you at our brand new facility No Limitz Gymnastics and Cheerleading Center.

All our coaches are qualified to teach gymnastics and are trained and supervised by Nesho and Kina Neshev.

We are certain that our programs will be a valuable and enjoyable learning experience. We strive to run a full program, suitable for the recreational gymnast, as well as the competitive gymnast.


Our students show their
progress every year at our 
Annual recital in June.